About Jep

It is difficult to say when and how I became interested in humor, joy, and well-being. I do know that I have always been what most people would call optimistic and spontaneous. Growing up in a family of seven children and having little disposable income, we found ways to entertain each other and to enjoy each others company. Early on I was given permission to perform song-and-dance routines, magical presentations and story-telling.

College days reinforced the performing mode as I participated in numerous stage productions. Through all my training and educational development years I never lost interest in the magical arts, story-telling, and public speaking.

My professional career included teaching anatomy and humanities in medicine at The Ohio State University. It was in this latter stage of my career that I became interested in the science behind the purported benefits of humor and laughter. This combination of interests led to research and public speaking on the matters of humor and healing and led to the publication of The Joy Factor.

My most recent scholarly pursuit included a four month, on-site visit to the Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Studies associated with St. Johns College and the Benedictine monastery at St. Johns Abbey.  These studies further cemented my interest in learning about and promoting a sense of well-being, understanding and welcoming healthy humor, and the use of laughter to promote health.

Glen and I have been friends for over 30 years, and in our retirement years we have found ourselves living in the same complex of homes in Goshen, Indiana. After many discussions, it seemed only natural that we work together to promote well-being  as we age.

I can be reached at 614-561-1076