About Glen

Inspire to live life fully.
Encourage to prepare for a good death.

With this website we want to give information and encouragement to persons in the latter half of their lives to live fully and joyfully and to guide them and their families to prepare for the end of life.

Living life fully and preparing for  a good end is very personal to me. You see, I have heart trouble that will most likely shorten my life. With that realization, I want to make the most of the time remaining to me. In this website and with my partner, Jep, we want to help others find fresh sources of joy and meaning.

I am preparing for the end of my life.  What I learned about preparing for a good death is the subject of my book Living Thoughtfully, Dying Well with excerpts appearing in these blogs. As a medical doctor caring for elderly patients, I saw good and bad deaths. I feel that everyone deserves a good death.  In my experience, a good death doesnt just happen—it takes preparation. We will be talking more about a good death in this space in the weeks to come.

I retired at least three times: from medical practice after 25 years, from hospital administration (6 years), and overseas development worker for 11 years.

I have been married to Marilyn for more than 58 years. With four children and spouses, grandchildren and a great grandchild, we now number 22 persons. All the adults in my family are engaged in teaching, healthcare or social work.