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A childlike adult is not one whose development is arrested; on the contrary, he is an adult who has given himself a chance of continuing to develop long after most people have muffled themselves into a cocoon of middle age habit and convention.  Aldous Huxley 

If you are in the latter half of life or the caretaker of a loved one,

this website is designed for you.

As a medical doctor and medical educator, we have heard the stories of persons dwindling into an unremarkable old age, settling for a purposeless drift to the end of their lives.

It doesnt have to be that way.

You can find fresh joy and purpose in life. We want to provide the inspiration and motivation to experience life to its fullest and to help you prepare for a meaningful end of life. Living joyfully and dying well hold in common the need for change from purposeless drifting to being intentional and proactive. That’s what we, Glen and Jep, want to look forward to in our future and thats  what we want for you.

The following two excerpts introduce you to our areas of interest.

From Glen: “So, were you dead?” Not a common way to start a conversation with a stranger. The question came to me from a young news photographer. We had just finished a news conference called by the South Bend Fire Department to encourage people to learn to do CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation). As a survivor of a cardiac arrest six weeks earlier, I was exhibit A for a successful resuscitation. The photographer heard how my heart had stopped and I was no longer breathing. Common sense told him I must have died. But obviously I wasn’t dead. All the right people were present when my heart stopped and did CPR that kept me alive until the EMT squad arrived to give me the electrical shock that re-started my heart. After five days in the hospital, I gradually returned to my normal activity.That was more than three years ago. Having survived against the odds, I became serious about planning for my own end of life and to find ways for whatever time I have left to be joy-filled and constructive.

This website in one way I plan to do that. Planning can make a world of difference between a good death and a bad death. The plan for my good death is in my book, Living Thoughtfully, Dying Well

Jeps Welcome. Why is it that some people laugh easily and well and others simply are laughter challenged? What does humor have to do with well-being? Why do some folks seem to age well while others tend not to do such a good job? What causes the most anxiety for those of us who are in the upper age brackets? Is independence the same as control? When our aging bodies change, our eyesight changes, and our understanding of the world is being questioned on every side, is there a way to manage all this frustration? Is joy really an adequate construct for looking at well-being? What is well-being anyway? It would be great if I could give us all the answers to these questions. It would be impossible for one person to be able to cover all these topics in a weekly blog. What I can do is share ideas of what I have learned over the years, I can point you to excellent resources, and I can listen to your stories of wonder, balance, and living joyfully. These will be the journeys we take together with future blogs. WELCOME ABOARD

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